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Best Media Player -Nibilplayer

Nibil.Player ™ is used by more than 70 million multi media users throughout the world and it has been translated into more than 90 languages worldwide.

Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker Lets You to Hide/Show Aero Blur

We have covered number of tutorials on Windows 7 Aero, for e.g How Enable Aero on Windows 7 using Registry Hack, Activate Aero on Windows 7 Starter or Home Edition, Aero Style Command Prompt etc. Now here is yet another nifty tool for Windows 7 Aero.

Windows Media Player Plus Plugin for Windows Media Player 10 & Above

Windows Media Player is Microsoft’s own media player for the various flavors of its Windows operating systems and it comes with preinstalled on Windows OS. Windows Media Player not only supports wide variety of audio/video formats but also supports plugins, skins and visualizations. The popularity and the number of machine that Windows Media Player 10 & above installed on, makes developing Windows Media Player Plug ins very popular!

Download Microsoft Download Manager 1.1 for Windows 7, Vista & XP

Downloading large files off the internet is not new thing now and with increase in broadband speed it is possible to download Gigabytes of files from the internet in few seconds. However not every user has this kind of internet connection and for those users it is necessary to use download manger which allows them to resume file downloading process when connection broken.

Kinect Tech Specs Revealed- Limited to 2 Active Players?

We have seen many retailers that originally listed Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 at $150, only to take down the pricing. However, it seems that UK retailer has got their hands on some detailed specs for the device. Below are some of the more interesting specs that we haven’t seen until now.

How to Create Bootable Bitdefender Rescue USB Drive

If you have Computer or laptop/netbooks without DVD/CD drive then it’s obvious that you will need USB based rescue drive instead CD or DVD when your computer or laptop is infected with virus and doesn’t boot up at all. If you are looking for how to create bootable rescue USB drive then here is small guide to create bootable Bitdefender USB rescue drive.

How to Add USB Support for PC when it does not Support USB Booting

Are you looking for a way to boot your PC or laptop with an Operating System like Ubuntu or Win XP or Windows 7 installed on a pen drive, only to find out that your PC/laptop does not support USB booting? age old motherboards

How to Install Windows 7 From USB Drive without Windows 7 ISO DVD

Windows 7 ISO size is around 2.24 GB so its obvious that you will need to burn windows 7 iso on DVD and another issue is you can’t start windows 7 installation by mounting ISO file on windows XP as Windows XP upgrade to windows 7 is not allowed. In such situation installing windows 7 from USB pen drive is feasible solution.
Here is small guide on how to install windows 7 from USB flash drive or USB pen Drive for Windows XP users.

10 secrets about Nautilus (ubuntu file manager)

Nautilus is a file manager which provides a simple and integrated way to manage your files and applications, and you can use it to do the following:
* Create folders and documents
    * Search and manage your files
    * Display your files and folder
    * Run scripts and launch applications
    * Customize the appearance of files and folders
    * Open special locations on your computer
    * Write data to a CD or DVD

Get Orkut Scraps on Mobile for Free!

A year ago, we posted an article about getting Orkut scraps via SMS, and many Orkut users appreciated it. Basically it was a combination of services provided by Mytoday SMS feeds and Orkut feeds. Let me also tell you that this trick was first discovered by n. But, unfortunately the service stopped working within a couple of months as Mytoday server was overloaded. Now we are glad to inform you that, this service could be reactivated using Google SMS channels.

Guide to Install Snow Leopard in VMWARE

Yes it’s possible to install and play with Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 in VMWARE Windows edition. Technically it’s not possible to install OS X natively in VMWARE but a little trickery can do wonder. According to iHackintosh post a few modifications to the .vmx file and use a modified install disk as this will save a lot of trouble. Let me clear Apple licensing does not allow for the virtualization of OSX Client on any hardware and only allows for the virtualization OSX server on Apple hardware. Anything else is in violation of the license agreement.

Request free Linux/Office suite CD/DVD and get delivery on your door free of cost.

You can download Linux distro’s free of cost but what to do if you don’t have an internet connection or fast internet connection? Here is the answer just request a free CD/DVD of Ubuntu or Fedora & they will deliver at your’s doorstep.Follow this post choose your poison fill the simple form & within 3-4 weeks feel the power of open source world.

CLICK HERE to download the Malayalam Fonts

Malayalam fonts for download. High quality Malayalam fonts in TrueType format for use with any Malayalam font-compliant application.

Getting Listed in Google, Yahoo and Bing

Getting listed in Google and the other popular search engines is one of the most effective ways of directing free, targeted traffic to your website.

Free Email alerts via SMS

4 Ways to Increase Your Internet Broadband Connection Speed

There are many occasions when you will get into internet connection problems and will not be able to get online and handle your normal online business, this is the stage when you need to try out some of these tweaks for the respective connections. If you are using airtel 8mbps connection then you wont need these tweaks because its one of the best broadband service provider in India.

Increase IE Firefox Internet Browsing Speed by 4 times


How To Shut Down Computer Within The Time..?

How To Make Windows xp To Speak?

Simple Trick to use Airtel gprs FREE

How to access Registry Editor and CMD Prompt in limited access account

"An unauthorized change was made to your license" error message

Restore Missing CD or DVD Drive

How to Remove vista booting options in xp

Many of the people are facing the dual boot problems in XP even though they formatted the installed OS partition (Vista) .If u also facing same problem then follow the instructions given below to delete the extra boot option in booting.

Disabling the click on My Computer

How to install codecs to play all video,audio formats in fedora

Fedora comes with a ton of software but there are still plenty of packages of interest to most users that are not included for a variety of reasons. This is where you find the MP3 plug-in and a ton of other packages.

Turning off the Help on Min, Max, Close Icons

When the mouse goes over the minimize, maximize and close icons on the upper right hand side of a window, you normally get a display telling you want those are for.

Full screen window

Put Image in folder background of Windows Xp

This trick will help u in setting a pic in your folder background .

Turn-ON Your PC in 10 seconds

Many of the people are facing the problem that to turn on their PC takes lots of time. It may take atleast 2-3 minutes. Let's see the tip guide u to reduce the ON time (i.e) Start up time to atleast some extent.

Change the title of Yahoo Messenger Window.

Hidden Programs In Windows XP....!

Is it strange to hear , but true that some good programs are hidden in Windows XP !!!

How to "Delete administrator Password" without any software

Airtel Free GPRS-Internet

Hi guys i got this information from an forum that i want to share it to you . After searching lot of forums i found this in a pdf document

Airtel Free Internet in Mobile

This is another trick that i have found.But this is not for PC only for mobile phones and its tested by me currently it is working not only for me and also my friends having sony erricson,nokia 3110c especially.

Free Internet in PC through Airtel Live

Hi guys i find this new process to get free internet in Airtel (for PC) through Airtel Live with out using any tricks in settings. Here i will show u how to do it.

Run Skype for free in Airtel Live

Hi guys again i came with new tip which is very helpfull to skype users and also for free internet users in airtel through airtel live.

Run Java based mobile applications (Ucweb,games etc ) in PC

Now a days we are using free internet in airtel through Ucweb. we can browse net through Ucweb in mobile only , but now we have a software called kemulator which have the ability to run java based mobile applications ( Games , broswers etc )in PC

Getting Movies, Mp3,Games using Google

Hai guys.Do You want movies and games, mp3 etc...and dont' know where to get them, But there is don't worry.
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