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Download APK Manager Editor For Windows and Linux

Even you are Android developers, editing APK file is always painful task. There are a lot of things you need to take care of about while editing even simple APK file.
If you miss minor thing in file editing resulting error in your application. So you need to keep close eyes in order to edit APK file in the right way. Several action needed to manage those packages, that’s why it’s time consuming and time will be wasted. Thanks to the Android Developer and developer of XDA forum Daneshm90, who developed the APK file Manager. The developer open the door for easy, fast and efficient way to manage your APK’s file. This manager lets you compile, sign, and install the files very quickly. There are many more cool features of this Android APK file Manager or APK Editor. Checkout the list of Cool features.
APK Manager Features:
- Extract, Zip apk’s.
- Optimize pngs (ignores .9.pngs)
- Zipalign apks
- Sign apks
- Push to specific location on phone
- Incorporates brut.all’s apktool
- Pull apk from phone into modding environment.
- Batch optimize apk
- Quick sign an apk
- Batch Ogg optimization
Another good thing about APK file Manager is that, it is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. You need to follow separate instructions for both Windows and Linux versions.
Installation guide Of APK Manager For Windows:
- Place apk in appropriate folder.
- Run script
- Minimize the script
- Edit files inside the project folder
- Maximize the script
Installation guide Of APK Manager For Linux:
download-apk-manager-editor- Place apk in appropriate folder.
- Open terminal and change-directory to apkmanager (Easiest way is to type "cd ")
- Chmod 755
- Chmod 755 all files apps inside other folder (thanks for the tip bkmo )
- Run script by typing ./
- Minimize the script
- Edit files inside the out folder
- Maximize the script
Required Software’s:
To run APK Manager, you need to install Java and Adobe on your Pc

Free Download Android APK Manager/Editor:
Download APK Manager for Windows. Download
Download APK Manager for Linux. Download
Hope the above information and instruction for APK file editing helps

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