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Guide to Install Snow Leopard in VMWARE

Yes it’s possible to install and play with Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 in VMWARE Windows edition. Technically it’s not possible to install OS X natively in VMWARE but a little trickery can do wonder. According to iHackintosh post a few modifications to the .vmx file and use a modified install disk as this will save a lot of trouble. Let me clear Apple licensing does not allow for the virtualization of OSX Client on any hardware and only allows for the virtualization OSX server on Apple hardware. Anything else is in violation of the license agreement.

Request free Linux/Office suite CD/DVD and get delivery on your door free of cost.

You can download Linux distro’s free of cost but what to do if you don’t have an internet connection or fast internet connection? Here is the answer just request a free CD/DVD of Ubuntu or Fedora & they will deliver at your’s doorstep.Follow this post choose your poison fill the simple form & within 3-4 weeks feel the power of open source world.

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Malayalam fonts for download. High quality Malayalam fonts in TrueType format for use with any Malayalam font-compliant application.

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