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10 secrets about Nautilus (ubuntu file manager)

Nautilus is a file manager which provides a simple and integrated way to manage your files and applications, and you can use it to do the following:
* Create folders and documents
    * Search and manage your files
    * Display your files and folder
    * Run scripts and launch applications
    * Customize the appearance of files and folders
    * Open special locations on your computer
    * Write data to a CD or DVD

Get Orkut Scraps on Mobile for Free!

A year ago, we posted an article about getting Orkut scraps via SMS, and many Orkut users appreciated it. Basically it was a combination of services provided by Mytoday SMS feeds and Orkut feeds. Let me also tell you that this trick was first discovered by n. But, unfortunately the service stopped working within a couple of months as Mytoday server was overloaded. Now we are glad to inform you that, this service could be reactivated using Google SMS channels.
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