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Get Orkut Scraps on Mobile for Free!

A year ago, we posted an article about getting Orkut scraps via SMS, and many Orkut users appreciated it. Basically it was a combination of services provided by Mytoday SMS feeds and Orkut feeds. Let me also tell you that this trick was first discovered by n. But, unfortunately the service stopped working within a couple of months as Mytoday server was overloaded. Now we are glad to inform you that, this service could be reactivated using Google SMS channels.

Now you would surely say that Orkut already have such a feature available officially. But let me clear this point, this feature is made available by Orkut with some charges, but using this trick you can enjoy free scrap alerts on your mobile without even wasting a penny. :-)Unlike the previous case.. This service works with the help of Google SMS channels and Orkutfeeds.
Just follow these simple steps:
Step 1:
First of all you have to get the feed url of your Orkut profile by using
For this, just open your Orkut profile and copy the home page link (In my case it is
Step 2:
Now go to and paste your Orkut profile link (already generated on step 1
After this, just hit the subscribe button and you’ll be provided with your Orkut profile feed url (In my case, it is
Step 3:
Also add “#both” at the end of the above URL so that you can get messages of the scrap as well.
Now my feed URL becomes
Step 4:
Now go to Google SMS channels homepage and create a new channel as shown in the screen shot below. If you don’t have an account on SMS channels then create one by logging in with your Gmail password.
Step 5:
Fill all the required details and feed URL of your Orkut page (refer step 2) on the ‘RSS/Atom feed’ form and finally hit the ‘create channel’ button.

That’s it! Now you’ll be getting scrap notifications via SMS for life :-)
  • For this trick to work on locked scrapbooks, you must add this Orkutfeeds bot as your friend.
  • Scrap notification are delayed for 2-4 hours depending on the Google’s server traffic.
  • Unlike the trick discovered previously, only the sender name of a scrap will be notified. :(
    We have worked out to get full scrap messages as well, just follow the STEP 3 mentioned above :-)


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