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How to Add USB Support for PC when it does not Support USB Booting

Are you looking for a way to boot your PC or laptop with an Operating System like Ubuntu or Win XP or Windows 7 installed on a pen drive, only to find out that your PC/laptop does not support USB booting? age old motherboards

and laptops does not support USB boot. But with a small software application called Plop boot manager you can add USB boot support for such PCs.

Steps to boot your PC/laptop from a pen drive with the help of Plop boot manager:

  1. Download Plop boot manager from here and extract the archive.
  2. Burn the extracted image (plpbt.iso) into a CD with the help of a CD burning software.
  3. Insert the bootable disc you just created into your CD/DVD drive and restart your PC.
  4. Your PC should automatically boot from this CD. (If it doesn’t, goto your BIOS boot settings and change the boot order to give CD/DVD drive the first preference)
  5. Now when the PC boots from CD, you can see a user screen from where you can select the boot device. Now you can select your USB drive from the list.


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