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Browse Nokia & Sonyericsson in your Linux

I recently installed Linux in my computer since Windows gave me some problems (and I had too many games which distract me sooooo much).

Sometimes I connect my phone to my computer to save pictures and get some music on the phone so when I realized I couldn’t exchange files I got a bit worried and started to do some research ;) I finally found a package that can be used with phones regardless the connection you use (Bluetoot®, USB or IR).
I installed this 2 packages<
alejandro@matos:~$ sudo aptitude install obexftp obextool
After installation, run this commands:
sudo obexftp -u

from help page: -u, –usb [] connect to a usb interface or list interfaces
I get this screen:
alejandro@matos:~$ sudo obexftp -u
Found 2 USB OBEX interfaces
Interface 0:
Manufacturer: Nokia
Product: Nokia N70
Interface description: SYNCML-SYNC
Interface 1:
Manufacturer: Nokia
Product: Nokia N70
Interface description: PC Suite Services
Use '-u interface_number' to connect
Nothing to do. Use --help for help.
So, I know that I have the interface to use, I run
alejandro@matos:~$ sudo obexftp -u 1 -l
Receiving "(null)"...


Now, I run the GUI using the obextool:
sudo obextool --obexcmd "obexftp -u 1"
And this beautiful screen comes to life ;)


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