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Top 5 photography apps for Android

Top 5 photography apps for Android
Love taking photos and adding special effects to them? Try these apps and get your pictures transformed into classy style shots giving them a whole new look.

1. Instagram:
Instagram, the much loved, photo-sharing application has lately been made available on Android devices which formerly was available just for iOS devices. This app is simple to use and the functioning is just awe-inspiring with live filters, instant tilt-shift, high-resolution shots and an overall speedier experience. Instagram ensures trouble-free makeover of your pictures as well as sharing them. There is whole lot of options available to give special effects to your pictures. All you have to do is just select a picture and choose an effect from Instagram you desire to give to your picture. The benefit of using this app is that it does not make any modifications to original image instead it creates a copy of that image and makes the change thereof. You can also view and share those through social networking websites instantly by just one click.
2. Vignette:
You must try Vignette if you love clicking pictures and converting them into classic style shots. This app offers 76 customizable photo effects and 57 frames in the app’s store. Vignette doesn’t require internet connection to transform your masterpieces. It is a full-featured camera application. It has ability to take pictures at camera’s full resolution, has self-timer, retro filters and also digital 10x zoom. You can create vintage shots with just a simple touch. This is one of the finest apps for taking pictures underwater.
3. Camera 360:
This app takes digicam-on-Android to the next level. It is available in both free and paid versions.  It is one of the most popular apps for phone worldwide. Along with the filter options, it also suggests on what effect each filter will have on your shots, thus saving your time that you might have wasted on practicing. This app offers easy operations, wonderful sharing features, quick and instant photo processing and manages photos very well. Each mode has custom camera settings which allow you to adjust times, flash and also provides several alluring effects. Wanna experience how your Android camera turns 360 degrees around? Try this app!
camera 360
4. Paper Camera:
It is the one of the best sketch/cartoon app available. This is a fun little app that converts your pictures leaving an artistic impression. It gives a comic and sketch like look to your photos. Developers call this app a lens, very true to great extent because when you see the pictures after being processed through paper camera, you can relate on how the world would appear when viewed through captivating lenses. This app allows you to cartoon-ize pictures. It can convert your pictures to black and white paper look, screening as if it has been sketched giving a whole new comic art experience.
paper camera
5. FX Camera:
This app offers a lot of features that aren’t available on any other apps, also it’s completely free. It allows you to add effects to your pictures while clicking them. Also known as a 6-in-1 app, it has effects such as Instant formerly polandroid, Toycam, Fisheye, Symmetric, Poster and Normal which add different look to your photos, giving them toy camera effects, fish eye effects, making your photos symmetrical, giving comic like appearance to your photos, and normal effects that lets you take pictures faster than your default camera. Sharing features are feasible enough in this app.
FX camera


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