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Complete List of apps for windows 7 phones

 This is a list of all the homebrew apps I could find on the forums and from outside the xda community. If you find any more that are not listed, please let me know in the comments.
To install these, you will need to have an unlocked device, and then a .xap installer on your pc. There are some .xap installers under Desktop Run Programs in this post.

NES Emulator: V1.2 - Download - Visit Thread
Planet Cracker Free V1.2.1.0 - Download
WP7 NES Emulator - Download
Russian Roulette - Download - View Thread

AT&T U-verse app (need U-Verse account) - Download
MPC Remote: Remotely controls an instance of Media Player Classic running on your PC. - Download - View Thread
Htc RealTube - View youtube videos - Download
Official HTC Youtube V2.0 - Download
Balls of Steel: Sound board filled with your favorite Duke Nukem clips. - Download
Sickipedia: Displays feeds from Sickipedia - Download WP7: stream and locally store MP4 converted videos using the file service - Download - View Thread
WalkMan7: Online based Music player V2.0.7 - Download - View Thread *UPDATED (26-APR-11)
ImageWind: View images posted from Twitter - Download - View Site


Samsung Now Hub 1.13 - Download
HTC Hub - Download Part 1 - Download Part 2 - View Thread

carXapp V1.6: A car expense tracker - Download

Skyper: Free skype chat client for wp7 - Download - View Thread
New Sms: Just click tile to compose new sms. - Download
New Email: 1 Click send new email. If you have multiple email accounts, it will have an option to choose. - Download
VVM7: Visual Voice Mail V0.7 Beta - 0.7 beta.xap - View Thread
chatCentral for WP7 - Download - View Thread

Bingle Maps: Combination of Bing and Google maps V0.9.4.1 - Download - View Thread *UPDATED (26-APR-11)
TA Maps V1.0: A google maps application - Download
HTC Compass - Download
Compass app (Samsung tested) - Visit Site
GMapPro V2.3: Google map's application - Download - View Thread *UPDATED (7-APR-11)

TouchXplorer: A file explorer for wp7 - Download - Visit Site
Functional Webserver - Visit Thread
HTC Test Tool - Visit Thread
LG OEM Apps: LG exclusive apps - Visit Thread
Advanced Explorer: File explorer, registry editor, copy files, provision xap (HTC Only at this time) - Visit Site
Samsung Photo Studio for HTC - Download
Intervals7: Interval trainer for running, biking, ect. - Download - View Thread
The DLLImport Project - Access many different aspects of the phone through 1 app. - View Thread *UPDATED (26-March-11)
Flashlight - Download
Voice to Text - Download
Morse Code translator V1.0.3.2 - Download - View Thread
Offline Barcode Scanner V1.2.2 - Download - View Thread
SaleCalculator - Download
Subnet Calculator V1.0.0 - Download - View Thread
HTC Hidden Wifi: view hidden wifi networks (Only works on HTC so far) - Download
Simple Battery Indicator: Shows percentage of battery left - Download
Phone restart application - Download

Tile Shortcuts
Wifi Settings - Download
Media Volume Settings - Download
Airplane Mode - Download
Data Connections - Download
Bluetooth - Download

Customization Tools
IE Search Switcher V1.3.2: A tool for quickly changing the search engine used when you hit the hardware Search button from within IE. - Download - Visit Thread *UPDATED (3-APR-11)
WP7 Manager (Source Code): create application managers for WP7 platform - Download v1.0.0.0_source.rar - Download v1.0.0.0_source.bin - Visit Thread
HTC-ProvXml-Deploy - Visit Thread
ChevronWP7 Custom Ringtone Manager - Download - View Site
Samsung Registry Editor - View Thread
Samsung Carrier Debrander: Debrands your phone to "000-88" to install the NoDo Update - Download - View Thread
Registry Editor (HTC Only) - Download
Advanced Config Beta - Download *UPDATED (1-MAY-11)
Debrand: Switch between branded and unbranded by running the app. Works for all devices - Download
Accent Color Changer - Download
Native Keyboard for WP7: Alters Spanish or German system keyboard into one of the supported languages (see the list in the thread), or extends English keyboard. - Visit Thread
Predictive Keyboard Spanish - Download - View Thread
WP7 Root Toole V0.1 (Only Samsung Devices) - Download - View Thread
Advanced Explorer for WP7 V1.4 - Download - View Site
WP7 Root Tools V0.3 Alpha - Download - View Thread

Desktop Run Programs
Tom XAP Installer: install multiple Xap's onto your un-locked device - View Thread
Apps for WP7 Emulator: Emulate free apps from the marketplace on your computer - View Thread
Multiple Xap Installer: Allows you to install multiple Xap's at once from your PC - Visit Thread
RingRing7: ringtone creator and installer - View Thread
Remote Execute: Remotely launch any installed app on phone. (View thread to see example programs) - Download - View Thread
Homebrew Windows Phone 7 Market V0.9: Installs XAP files or URL's from your computer, while updating your apps if a previous version is already installed. - Download - View Thread *UPDATED (6-APR-11)
Windows Phone Marketplace with XAP installer V1.6.3 - Download - View Thread
Windows Phone Device Manager: Open Beta V1.3.0.0 - Download - View Thread

Recent Update = (Date)

I will try to update this thread as much as possible with all the new apps that people will develop. If you do not wish to have your app listed, please pm me, and I will remove it from the list.

*All third party apps come as-is. There is no guarantee that they will work, and they could permanently damage your phone*


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