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IDM Integration Problem for Browser after Update 6.23

IDM integration problem for different browser is very common. The problem becomes very acute when you are using any cracked or patched version of IDM. The browser version update or IDM itself update causes the disintegration of the extension of IDM. Those who are still curious about what is IDM, I am telling you now, IDM is the Internet Download Manager, the best Internet download manager I have ever seen.

If you have not the latest IDM ( Internet Download Manager) Please Download the latest IDM from Below link:
 Download Latest IDM Internet Download Manager (Current Version:  6.23)
IDM Inegration Problem Solve
IDM Inegration Problem Solve

The Permanent Solution of Integration Problem

I am using the Comodo Dragon Browser and IDM patched version. Last time after update version of IDM comes, the extension of Comodo Dragon (Different Flavor of Google Chrome Browser) just got invalid. Moreover, when I try to download the IDM integration from Google web store, they said, the extension is deleted from Web store. I just got frustrated when I saw “Google has flagged “IDM integration” as malicious, and installation has been prevented“. Later I got the details about on Google Product Forums.
The Major Browser Solve – 1.Firefox and 2. Google Chrome
In this Post i will provide you two Permanent Links for Firefox and Google Chrome which I will constantly update with every version of IDM updates.
Basically, Firefox Use .xpi file for extension installation whereas Google Chrome use .crx file for installation.
The both Files remain in below location
C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager
Firefox .xpi file name: idmmzcc.xpi
Google Chorme .crx file name: IDMGCExt.crx
Download The Latest Above Two files from Below Links:
Firefox .xpi file name:  idmmzcc.xpi (Mar 12, 2015) IDM  6.23
Google Chorme .crx file name:  IDMGCExt.crx (Mar 12, 2015) IDM  6.23
** NEW ZIP Package:  IDM Integration
(Zip package is provided because some user complain, it is really difficult to download the .crx file with chrome based browser)
(If you are using google chrome or chrome based browser, try to download the Latest IDMGCExt.crx file with different browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer)


Shadman Ovi said...

Thank you very much
trusted ,,, i like this...

Yasar Ali said...

Simply download the IDMGCEXT.CRX IDM Extension & drag & Drop it to the chrome extension page.

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