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Top 5 android apps for video calling

Top 5 android apps for video calling
One of the most important features of android smartphone is video calling. People use it to stay connected with friends, family and for business use. The power of video calling of laptop has come down android devices making smartphones much more powerful. There are lots of free video calling apps available in the market but I am going to share the top 5 apps based on features and reviews.

-: Hacking Videos collection :-

-: Hacking Videos :-

Top 5 photography apps for Android

Top 5 photography apps for Android
Love taking photos and adding special effects to them? Try these apps and get your pictures transformed into classy style shots giving them a whole new look.

-: Windows-XP Password Cracking Remotly :-

Here we use the tool "Cain and Abel" for cracking passwords of any local user/administrator.
First download cain and abel from "" and install it on your system.

Make sure that you have disabled the antivirus/firewall running on your system before installing and throughout this process.

How to run Android Apps ( APK files ) on your Computer ?

BlueStacks, a comprehensive piece of Windows software that allowed Android apps to be
BlueStacks apps player
BlueStacks apps player

Control your desktop computer from your Symbian Belle device & Android Phones

Kinoni Remote Desktop is an application, which allows you to control and use your desktop computer from your Symbian Belle device. Features and highlights of the application are given as,
Kinoni Remote Desktop is the fastest PC remote control app.

A Free Mobile Hidden Camera For Your Android Phones

Spy camera for SUPER SAFE stealth shooting and video recording, even right in front of other people! MHC is the only spy camera app that guarantees your safety while spy shooting with a host of stealthy and protection features.

How to download aplications from Nokia Ovi store to Computer ?

The Ovi Store has a large number of Symbian applications and a significant number of them are free. But the annoying part is that you can’t download apps from the store to your computer or PC and later transfer to your cell phone. Users who do not have an active Internet connection, are hence unable to use the store. This article will show you how you can download apps from the Nokia Ovi Store using a common browser to your computer.

An easiest way to download android apk file from Google play to desktop APK Downloader

Real APK Leecher is a Java application that help you download a bunch of Android apps from Market to desktop with minimum actions.

How to Control Your Pc( Computer ) via Gmail and Mobile

Now control your PC from anywhere!
If you’ve ever wanted to control your PC from a distance location , you can do so now by sending certain predefined commands through your Gmail downloads, run any program, play any sound, take screenshot, kill a program, get files, move files, and do much more!
sRemote, a mere 38 KB program, to control your PC [ or your friend's ;) ] from any where in the world, using any device that can send emails!

3 Easy Solutions to Remove Unwanted Android Ads

We all know how annoying Ads can be on the screen of your Android device. The tiny screen, the never ending ads; it’s a nightmare! Although they are a way for app developers to make a living, and everyone should support them by any means necessary (buying premium apps, donating or clicking when you are really interested), they can be annoying and playing a game, using an app or just surfing can be quite irritating. Now, I’ll show you how to remove these ads from your Android phone,

difference between resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen (Resistive vs Capacitive touch screens)

Are you confused with all this fuss on resistive and capacitive touch screens coming with the smart phones these days? Let me try to help you out in choosing which may work best for you.
First of all, let me try to explain what a Capacitive touch screen and a Resistive touch screen is, in scientific terms.

6 Tips to Speed Up Your Android Phone

There’s no denying that the Android operating system provides an amazing amount of flexibility, power, and customization options for smart phone users. But with all that authority comes some responsibility. If you’re not proactive, certain apps and widgets can gobble up system resources. Here are some quick and easy tips—and apps—to help put some pep back into your Android phone.

6 Software To Beautify Windows Desktop and Make it More Productive

Custom Beautification and at the same time making Windows Desktop more productive while working is a great combination. We already have seen many Customization software for Windows and here is another awesome list.

4 Websites to Create Professional Looking Resume From LinkedIn Profile

I think all of you know how important is your Curriculum Vitae (CV), when we are talking about applying for jobs. Many people do get rejected due to non-standardized CV. There are people who even find it difficult to make their CVs.
We all use Social Networks these days. Not just you can meet your mentor with the Professional data added there but also it can be used to create Resume using it.
So the question is do you or don’t want your CV to be more presentable. If yes is the answer, then you can check out the following websites.

Transfer Installed Software from Windows PC to another new Computer

Generally, the problem comes when you’ve to format and then get those programs again by manually, which is somewhat tiring. Plus you miss out on some of them to install. But this problem is no more because of this small yet perfect utility to transfer your programs to your new OS.
This PickMeApp utility is worth for saving your time getting your installed programs into your new PC/Laptop from your old OS or another PC.

Android Visual Skin Pack for Windows 7 | Android Transformation Pack

For an Android fan, who even wants Windows 7 desktop to look like Android then this skin pack is easy and safe way to turn Windows 7 to Android. Android Skin pack changes most of the visual elements of Windows 7 to respective Android element.

Get Windows 8 Visual Elements on Windows 7 with Windows 8 UX Pack

Every one of you out there is aware of the Metro UI of Windows 8. Microsoft recently released their Windows 8 Developers to give a sneak peak of their newer version. This version of Windows 8 is actually meant for developers to test out there applications. So until Microsoft launches the final release of Windows 8, you can get almost all the UI features of Windows 8 with Windows 8 UX Pack.

Install Windows 8 using Bootable VHD without Formatting [Guide]

If you are still left who hasn’t tried Windows 8 yet. Then, Installing Windows 8 using VHD (Virtual Hard Disk). Virtual Hard Disk is a single file stored on current Windows 7 system and lets you dual boot Windows 8.
I know there are some working tricks already mentioned to install Widows 8 via VHD, but I am going through step-by-step as how I actually installed it without formatting my system. Little problems came during the process or I should say Doubts, that is what I am clearing here so you can get it installed without any risk to be taken during the process.

Uninstall Windows 8 by removing VHD and get back Windows 7 Boot [Guide]

Out of curiosity, many of you have installed Windows 8 Bootable VHD. If you are already played enough around and claim back the space taken up by the installation and continue work with Windows 7 normally then, here is a guide to uninstall Windows 8 by removing VHD.

Does Defragmenting Shorten HDDs Life? Are Files Deleted?

Defragmenting your hard drive is like having a group of people who go to your office over the weekend to rearrange each file that is out of place in consolidated and organize files again. This way, when you arrive on Monday morning, everything will be in its place.

6 Best Digital Comic Book Readers Software

The comics have made the leap to Internet. It’s nothing new, but are increasingly popular and are more present in our computers. Thanks to the selfless efforts of hundreds of fans of comic books, we can enjoy books ever known or come to our country.
But how do you read? Some come in formats such as CBR or CBZ exotic. The solution, digital comics readers. We show you a list of the top six.

How to Recognize and Find Unknown Songs Title, Artist and Lyrics

How many times while hearing a song on the radio or on TV, you said to yourself “What song is it? Who sings it? “. Questions that most often remain unanswered, staying with a bitter taste unless you use an application specifically for computer or smartphone to find it.
There are, in fact, incredible software with just a few seconds of “listening” are able to recognize the spectrum of a song and identify the title and artist of a song.

10 Tricks to Use Google Search like Ninja and Make Most out of it

Google is the first source of information when we have questions or need more information about any topic. Born 13 years ago, the search engine has improved a lot and has been incorporating new functions making it more than just a search engine.
At the moment, in addition to Search Information, Google Search field can trigger something more instantly using its tools. This will save time and make result available directly about common search keywords and avoid aimless browsing of Internet.
Ready to become Google Search Ninja?
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