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How to Send Password Protected and Encrypted Email in Gmail

If you want to Secure your Email from hackers then You have to Encrypt your Email and make password Protected . You can save your personal information like credit card , banking information by encrypt and make password protected . when you will send encrypted Email then another person cant be read encrypted mail . you have to tell password to the recipient person then he can Decrypt  that mail and able to read . 

You and recipient side should have install Google Chrome and same SecureGmail Add on . it cant be help on other browser and . its only for Gmail.

Follows these Steps to Send password protected Email .......
1. First Go to  SecureGmail link , and then Click on Install SecureGmail to Install SecureGmail Add On in Google Chrome and then Click On Add . 

2.  Now Login in your Gmail Account and Click Lock Icon near to Compose .

3. Now Compose Box open , type Recipient Email Address , Subject and message and Then Click on Send Encrypt .

4. Now Enter Encrypted Password and Type Password Hint , and then Click on Encrypt & Send .

5. Now Recipient will receive your Encrypted Email in Inbox . when he will Click on Email to read then message will shown like Below . To read this mail Click on Decrypt message with password .

6. Now Put Encrypted Password and then Click on Decrypt .

7. Now your Email has been Decrypted and you can able to Read your Email Message .


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