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Top 10 Blog Sites to Create your Blog or Websites Free

Now Days Blogging is very Popular to Create your Websites . Its very easy and cheap to create your blog and websites. Its a free option to create your blog . Blogging is a best way to share your thoughts online .you can share you knowledge with many people  online over world . when you create blog its automatic publish on the world wide web. The blog word  is came from Weblog.

1. Blogger -:
              is the best sites for create blog or websites online . Blogger was started in tinny company in Prya labs in 1999 . Google want to buy blogger in 2002 and finally Google Bought Blogger in 2003.  Its Provide free hosting on world wide web with sub domain . If you will want to remove subdomain from your domain name then you will have to buy domain .
Its easy to use . its has flexible layout and more then 100 background and beautiful Templates .

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2. -:
                                     Wordpress is also most popular sites for blog . Its a simplest and cheapest option for blogging . its has subdomain . It has open source web software Wordpress . If you will use domain with subdomain( then it will be free or if you want to use domain without subdomain then you will have to buy domain name. 
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3. Webs-:
                    Webs  is a provide free blogging service and most popular now days . Its easy to make professional websites . Webs started in 2001. Its provide ' Drag and Drop' themes and interface for user to create a websites there is no need to technical knowledge .

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4. Tumblr -:
                          Tumblr is a microblogging platform . Its very easy to create blog in tumblr to share your text , video , image etc . You can follows the thing which you want to like . Its a created by David karp . Its started at 2006 . 

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5. LiveJournal -: LiveJournal is a Community blog . Which can use in social network . Internet user can keep personal diary and records on the LiveJournal Blog . User can share his Personal Experience . Its a just like social networking sites .

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6.TypePad-  TypePad is also Micro Blog free Publishing service . You can share your Ideas and Passion with the world online .

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7. Medium -  Its a also a Blogging Platform to Create a Free Websites . Its a place where you can Read and Write . You can also collection of blog according to your interest  . You can write a best stories using the best consumer online . You can sign with your twitter account .

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8. Blog -: is also a best free blogging platform . You share your voice among Online Crowd .

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9. Weebly-: Weebly has fully blogging Feature . In this you can store slide show , audio/Maps on Weebly . You can log in weebly with your facebook account .

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10. Squarespace - Its also a Blogging platform and provide hosting service . Its Has Attractive Template for Websites . You can create your own stories .

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